Addiction Recovery Modalities and Holistic Approaches Understanding Addiction Recovery Modalities Addiction recovery modalities encompass a range of approaches designed to help individuals overcome substance abuse and behavioural dependencies. These modalities address the complex physical, psychological, and social aspects of addiction. They often involve a combination of therapeutic techniques, counselling, support groups, and lifestyle changes to … Read more

Solution Based Integrative Therapy means fast acting results and working the short way round to resolving whatever is holding you back. Specialist trauma and addiction training. From anxiety to depression, repetitive behaviours that are getting in the way of living a life of freedom, I use specialist tools and techniques to suit you, from psychotherapy … Read more

I have been trained in Star Magic Healing – this is done remotely only – this is my main method of healing I am trained in jibby jabby removal, to enable the client to revert back to their health immediately prior to jaberoo – this is done via Star Magic Healing I qualified in Animal … Read more

Because of my experience in suicide, and my own recovery and rebirth, having lived through and survived many years’ of life-threatening traumas, and understanding many different perspectives and educational models for navigating life, including to death and whatever follows (some call the ‘journey of the soul’), I am a very good listener, and often simply … Read more

Bringing hope and freedom to those struggling with guilt, shame, depression and addictions. For more than 25 years John has been assisting people to become more consciously aware, so they may find freedom from the overwhelming challenges of life. As an expert in the field of Addiction recovery and a Teacher of Spiritual and Emotional … Read more