I run a referral veterinary practice specialising in integrative veterinary medicine. I use a combination approach to therapy including conventional medicine, homeopathy, low level laser therapy, nutrition, functional medicine. In addition I see human patients for homeopathy.

The Therapeutic Bond Between Humans and Animals Animal therapy, within the realm of holistic modalities, involves the use of animals to promote physical, emotional, and mental well-being. This approach recognizes the unique bond between humans and animals, harnessing the therapeutic benefits that interaction with animals can provide. Animal Therapy in Addiction Recovery In the context … Read more

I am an Animal Reiki practitioner based near Bath. I work with animals using an approach which is Animal-led and non-intrusive, both in-person at the animals own home or remotely/distantly. The animals I support come to me with a range of physical and emotional issues, including anxiety, stress, illness, arthritis or other long term physical … Read more