At Bourne Hypnobirthing I provide complete antenatal preparation courses for expectant parents, based on the Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing method. I aim to help parents have a calm, confident and in-control birth, helping them to make informed choices and advocate for themselves and their babies. My course is a full antenatal course giving you all the … Read more

I am a Full Spectrum Doula and Women’s Wellness Practitioner. I give emotional and practical support before, during & after birth as well as providing education and resources. I help birthing people navigate and understand the maternity system, what their choices are and support partners (if they have them) through what can feel like an … Read more

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Doula A doula, birthkeeper, and midwife are professionals who play crucial roles in supporting individuals during the childbirth process, although their roles and scopes of practice differ. A doula is a trained professional who provides emotional, physical, and informational support to individuals before, during, and after childbirth. Doulas do not have medical training and do … Read more

I’m a birth doula and postnatal Doula. I am passionate about reconnecting women with their inner wisdom to have a sacred birth experience and follow their intuition as a new parent. I also love to create a peaceful birth environment at home, in a yurt, well wherever you want really and if necessary at hospital. … Read more

Hello I am a birth and mothering coach, birthkeeper, breastfeeding and babywearing consultant and elimination communication coach. I walk with women who want to take full responsibility for their pregnancies and births or consider to birth outside the system and /or want to have wild pregnancies and take charge of their care. I specialise in … Read more

Hello! I’m Jeanette and work with energy, and the circle of life that is birth and death. I would find it a real honour to support you in your life journey as your birthkeeper and doula, energy healer or easing the passing of a loved one from this life through balancing healing. I am one … Read more