Spectrum Transition Coaching has been specifically designed to connect people, even with the most complex presenting issues, to their emotions for the purposes of changing them. This approach creates a new set of positive behaviours and beliefs allowing people to lead more enriching lives, becoming more resilient when faced with every day stresses or challenges … Read more

NOSH ROCKS: Naturally Organic, Slim n Healthy, RO’s Carb-cutting Kick Start i run challenges to inspire and support people to understand what they are putting in / on their bodies and in their minds. i provide the tools to make a permanent, positive change for radiant health. It is an online course but has been … Read more

Core Transformation with Basia is a coaching practice that helps clients change unwanted feelings, behaviours, or thoughts. Instead of trying to rationally figure things out or using willpower to push through a problem, the process gently guides you towards accessing the unconscious part of you generating the problem. Any feeling, behaviour, or thought can be … Read more

Are any of these how you think and feel? – I’m not ageing well, I feel heavy and tired. – I’m not happy with my health. – I try, yet fail to manage my weight, it rules my life. – Stress and fatigue leave me with no energy for myself. Yet this is your vision: … Read more

74% of UK adults are stressed and overwhelmed. I use tailored to you complementary therapies to help you enjoy better physical & mental health so that you can live the life that you’ve always envisaged for yourself. Therapies include Indian Head Massage, Angelic Reiki, Deluxe Facials, Akashic Records Healings, Meditation, Children’s Meditation. I am also … Read more

I support individuals to develop in non-pharmacological self health care. I support clients who are receiving one or more pharmaceutical interventions or none. I offer 2 free* of charge 30 minute Discovery sessions, and I have some availability of subsequent services in return for a donation decided on by my client. I have certified engagement … Read more

Are you seeking resolution to your wellbeing challenge? Have you come to a point where you realise you need help and now? Could you describe yourself as feeling alone and isolated with this issue? Believe me I know what that feels like. My approach is unique, because I have the advantage of seeing your challenge, … Read more

Do you have a dream project in mind? Do you crave to be part of the worldwide movement of creating the future we want? A project that would uplift you to achieve? Maybe you want to finally write your book, create a short film, deliver a great talk, invent something to fill a gap in … Read more

I established The Green Health Centre in 2023 to provide a service which focusses on holistic wellness and healthy lifestyle behaviours for adults, offering specialist coaching in Healthy Ageing and Stress Management to help adults live longer in good health without disability or disease. The naturopathic medicine approach applied is holistic in that it focusses … Read more

Exploring Holistic Coaching: Nurturing Wholeness and Well-Being Holistic coaching is an approach that addresses the individual as a whole, recognizing the interconnectedness of various aspects of life, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. Holistic coaches work with clients to facilitate personal growth, self-discovery, and the achievement of well-being in multiple areas of life. They … Read more

Helping you to connect to your TRUE self by transforming old emotions/beliefs, limiting patterns of doubt, emptiness, self criticism and loneliness into shining confidence, peace and contentment. I’ve been working with clients in various ways for over 30 years. My back ground is in personal and professional coaching, holistic therapies (including Reiki), NLP, emotional intelligence … Read more

In health, the most important factor is our lifestyle. At the same time this is often the most difficult area to make long lasting changes. Coaching is the opportunity to partner with a professional to discover at a deeper level our real goals, strongest motivation, obstacles on the way, what excuses have our subconscious built … Read more