I’m an experienced Medical Doctor who works with energy medicine . My specialism is women’s health over the lifespan, and in the wellbeing of healthcare practitioners. I teach Eden Energy Medicine in the UK and in mainland Europe. I am also a Self Care Teacher and Certified Practitioner of the Tara Approach for the resolution … Read more

Hey Jude charity is mainly for giving advice and management of cancer, neurological problems, autoimmune disease and unexplained disorders. However, any other condition can be advised with the help of our integrative therapists. Hey Jude is run by a medical doctor with years of general experience as well as cancer medicine and a life long … Read more

Being healthy is more than the absence of disease. It is a sense of balance and fulfilment in the physical, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of our lives. Integrative medicine aims to address core imbalance issues, using tools and techniques appropriate to each individual. The scientific model has led to great understanding of the pathophysiological … Read more

I am part of a multidisciplinary practice working with another 2 GPs, a consultant psychiatrist, 2 nutritional therapists and 2 health coaches. Currently we provide 1:1 care but aim to also provide group care later this year. We treat a wide variety of chronic illnesses by considering the whole person and their individual underlying causes.