What is Meditation? Many people talk about meditation, meditating, but what does it really involve? Meditation is simply bringing your awareness into the present moment. By doing this, you can achieve a myriad of benefits which will start within and extend into every aspect of your lives and for any decision making of your day-to-day.  … Read more

Silverdragon Wellbeing offers holistic sessions in Naturopathic Nutrition, Shamanic Healing Energy Medicine, Feng Shui, Space Clearing, and Transformative Meditation. Constandia Christofi has twenty years of experience in wellbeing and has created a sacred space for her clients to discover their own self-healing. She offers self-empowering guidance and practical tools that navigate a way to reach … Read more

I am an aromatherapist, reiki master and artist and use all these plus meditation.  I share guidance on tools for living to empower and help people of any age race religion or culture to reach their fullest potential.