I work as a Holistic Physiotherapist specializing in Pelvic Health and integrating the use of pure essential oils into my practice. I am more than happy to speak to people prior to making an appointment so they know how I can help support their wellbeing journey.

Holistic physiotherapist with experience of treating multiple conditions using hands on therapy, nutrition, exercises. Specialising in visceral and craniosacral therapy to treat various conditions from headaches to different gut issues, women’s health issues like pre-, postnatal and menopause. At present studying nutrition and functional medicine.

Sarah graduated as a physiotherapist in 1996 and completed her Master’s degree in Advanced Physiotherapy at University College London in 2007. She works in Hertfordshire and London (LHCC, 38 Lombard Street, Bank) and has more than 20 years experience in private practise. She specialises in the treatment Beactivated which is a holistic approach designed to … Read more