I offer 1:1 YOGA sessions and yoga retreats. My YOGA RETREATS host between 6 and 12 students on a Greek island Poros which is known for its healing impact being placed in an energetical triangle field. Non -yoga practicing friends and family or partners are all welcomed, full details on my website. All is priced … Read more

We are a light and welcoming yoga studio nestled between Crookes and Walkley in Sheffield. Hill Valley was founded by Sadie and born from a need to provide a safe and non judgemental space for people after the fear and control of the last 3 years. We value compassion and kindness and offer classes every … Read more

What is Yoga? Yoga originated in ancient India as a spiritual discipline, and included moving the body through specific postures, breathing techniques and meditation. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit root “yuj”, which means to join, or to unite. The intentional practices of yoga were used to connect the mind, body, and spirit, uniting … Read more

At The Original Place in Standish, Wigan, I offer one-to-one therapy and we also provide restorative somatic yoga classes.

Healing Shamanic Innerwork is an opportunity to explore your own energy on a deeper level and learn more about how the energies around us and within us can manifest in our daily lives and habits, patterns and healing potential, with the intention of beginning the process of healing those parts of ourselves we wish to … Read more

V I D E O S O N L I N E & zoom calls contact: myranicol@gmail.com 📞 0787 554 8801 Myra Nicol can be found on Youtube, instagram & facebook as Belair Fitness💋 You’ll find links there to an extensive array of videos (yoga, body conditioning, fertility & therapeutic hotel breaks) 🧘‍♀️ Myranicol.com. Free … Read more

Are you suffering from stress, mental fog, lack of energy and want to learn tools that can help to empower you then the mindful yoga class with a difference is for you. You will learn about the body, the mind and perhaps the ‘relaxation response’ – place of ‘being’ – when the sympathetic nervous system … Read more

Yoga synergy method is an approach to movement, breath and posture derived from Ashtanga Vinyasa and Iyengar yoga styles originally. It also has influences from far eastern traditions such as Nei gong, Tai Chi and Qigong and is aligned for the modern body by being informed by western medical physiotherapy. The founders of the Yoga … Read more

I am passionate about optimal health and fitness and have worked in the fitness industry for over 34 years.

Trained in a trauma informed approach to yoga, I provide individual 1-1 yoga as well as small group yoga sessions for complete beginners. Pregnancy yoga also available.