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Please note that local health hubs and practitioners are independent and act autonomously. We rely on practitioners to be honest about their expertise. It is therefore important that you do your own due diligence when choosing a healthcare practitioner listed in our directory.

Questions to Consider

Has the practitioner ticked the "I have insurance" box? If this is important, request details.
Do they have a website for direct information?
Check for online testimonials.
Are they registered with a regulatory body or association? Utilise their website's search function.
Email any additional questions you may have, if you’re still uncertain.
Arrange a call to assess if the practitioner is suitable for you.

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Ben Calder


Lisa Hunt

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Daniela Righi


Cheryl Davison


Veneta Daniels

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Pauline Wickens


Suzie Hacker of soothe-me

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Annie Gabriel

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Janie Bligh

Energy Healing

Sophie Wright

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Julie Farthing


Mel Lagan

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