Trained in functional medicine I specialise in cancer & complex medical conditions that conventional medicine struggles to treat.

Exploring Herbalism: Harnessing Nature’s Remedies for Holistic Healing The Essence of Herbalism Herbalism is the practice of using plants and their extracts for medicinal purposes, aiming to promote health and well-being. It is a traditional and holistic approach to healing that has been practiced across cultures for centuries. Herbalists, or practitioners of herbalism, often work … Read more

Every treatment is catered for the individual.

I run a herbal teaching clinic within a dermatology team at Whipps Cross hospital, have supported breast cancer patients for more than 20 years and run a private general clinic in Fulham. I lecture at herbal medicine colleges and to medical professionals and have published clinical research. My book Root to Stem (Penguin 2019) is … Read more

Anna Betz is a member of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy (CPP). She has practised as a medical herbalist both in the UK and abroad for over 30 years. She worked for six years as a community herbalist in Northern Cyprus, where she published many articles about the use of local herbs and foods. … Read more

I am a practising medical herbalist qualified since October 1996, massage therapist and Chakra healer( like reiki) I have only helped friends with shedding issues as most people don t know about it, but I have many herbs in stock which can be used for long covid or vaccine damage. I have a lot of … Read more

I’m a fully qualified medical herbalist based in Leeds with a particular interest in chronic illness, for example, diabetes, menopause, digestive or gynaecological issues. I also offer pragmatic support for those with more common ailments such as allergies, anxiety, asthma, eczema, inflammation, insomnia, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, weight loss, stress, hay fever, colds and flu. … Read more

I explore imbalances in the whole body as well as targeting any specific illness or symptoms. With herbs, I use aspects of Chinese herbalism (TCM) as well as Western herbal practice, enabling me to combine the evidence-based and traditional Western approaches with the more energetic Eastern approaches – giving the best of both worlds. Asyra … Read more

Taking steps to improve & safeguard your health is the greatest gift you can give yourself and everyone with whom you come in contact. One of the most important aspects of your health journey is to give yourself back your power on all levels of the Body, Mind & Spirit by taking command of your … Read more

HERBALIST FOR 26 years and owner of health store using some exclusive products. Practising in Broadstairs Kent and SE London. I am also trained in Mineral Therapy, Ear Candles with an extensive knowledge of the health industry and lab testing. I offer Hair Analysis mineral testing.

A medical herbalist since 2003 based in Thanet, Kent. I run a small clinic and health store in margate at the old Kent market . I deal with a wide range of health issues and use herbs to restore the body back to health 🌿 I am also a practiced spiritual healer and energy worker.

At the Glendalby Range we use the earth around us to provide you with 100% natural products. We are two herbalists that have joined together to bring you lots of natural remedies and providing products that can help various health & medical conditions. Please feel free to contact us for more information on our products … Read more