Managing Time and Health Today’s society places ever-increasing demands on our time. With the pressures of juggling career, domestic tasks, managing finances, and caring for loved ones, it can be difficult to concentrate on our own health. It is often only when our health begins to suffer and our body starts to send out alarm … Read more

We offer the people of Tiptree and surrounding areas services in osteopathy, sports therapy, massage and Pilates to help them take responsibility for their health. Dan has experience at analysing blood tests to identify what is holding someone back from expressing health – rather than waiting to diagnose a disease.

I use manual therapy and functional medicine to treat clients with chronic conditions. I offer functional lab testing analysis alongside lifestyle and dietary advice.

At NU Osteopathy we offer a holistic osteopathic treatment which can range from a very gentle (but powerful cranial) approach to a physical work out using the ‘whole body adjustment’ or general osteopathic technique. All treatments are individual to the requirements and preference of each patient. We help people of all ages from new born … Read more

I still love my job after 40 years and my passion lies with trying to understand what makes each and every person I see ‘tick’. My forte is problem solving. I believe in establishing open and honest communication from the start; building a firm foundation of trust where effective healing can start and continue to … Read more

Welcome to Health Wise Therapies For fast effective relief from pain: back pain and sciatica neck and shoulder problems pins and needles in the hands hip, knee and ankle pain sport’s injury This clinic provides relief of your pain, identifies the cause of your problem and advises you on  preventing further injury and aid you … Read more